GUARANTEE We give a guarantee of 2 years. But this guarantee on our fabrics expires after treatment with a dirt-resistant coating.


For normal maintenance, it is sufficient to vacuum your couch every week.
Always use the mouthpiece with a soft brush that is provided with the accessories of your vacuum cleaner.

COLOR: Avoid direct sunlight! Therefore, do not place your couch in direct sunlight! In spite of the high light values ​​of our natural fabrics, each coating discolours over time. Natural fibers are particularly sensitive to sunlight and can therefore discolour quickly when being exposed to direct sunlight. This is also the reason why we cannot give a guarantee on the discolouration of fabrics.

SHARP OR HARD OBJECTS: All fabrics are sensitive to sharp objects, so please be extra careful with buckles, shoe heels, pet nails and rings. These objects can permanently damage the fabrics.

STAIN When you see a stain, it should be removed as soon as possible. This also prevents the stain from penetrating deeper into the fibers.
The most common stains are almost always based on fat. If the stain is immediately detected, it is possible to use K2R powder foam here. This should be applied on the stain and then you have to wait until it becomes powder. Then you can remove this with the vacuum cleaner. If the substance is dry, this treatment can be repeated.

If the stain is not removed after this treatment, it can be cleaned with natural soap flakes. Mix 2 deciliter of water with 2 cm of natural soap flakes in a small bucket. With this mixture or soapy water the stain can be removed with light rubbing movements. When you want to remove the soap concentration, you have to use lukewarm water. It is important to wait 24 hours between treatments until the substance is completely dry to repeat this treatment.
This is necessary so that the fibers are not damaged.

Attention! : Never scrub on the stain! This causes irreparable damage to the tissue.